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Indian Economy Key Concepts 8e -

Auther Name : Sankarganesh Karuppiah
Code Number : Indian Economy Key C
ISBN Code : 9789355326058
Publisher Name : McGraw Hill
Description :

Chapter 1: Introduction to Economics

Chapter 2: National Income

Chapter 3: Human Development

Chapter 4: Poverty and Unemployment

Chapter 5: Public Finance

Chapter 6: Constitution and Indian Economy

Chapter 7: Indian Financial System-Money Market

Chapter 8: Indian Financial System-Capital Market

Chapter 9: Money Stock Measures

Chapter 10: Inflation and Deflation

Chapter 11: External Trade and Capital

Chapter 12: World Trade Organization (WTO)

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Indian Economy Key Concepts, 8e, is a remarkable text aimed at explaining the basic, yet most relevant, concepts of the Indian Economy in a concise, lucid, and comprehensive way. It is completely revamped with extensive use of tables, charts, and figures for better understanding. Replete with examples to complement almost all concepts, the book is focused on clarifying core concepts that are necessary to understand any application of theories whatsoever. The practical application of each concept is discussed to be able to integrate them with real situations in the Indian context. Practice questions are provided at the end of each chapter for the quick revision of the concepts.


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